Here are some of our favourite writings.

The Contemplative's CraftA new collection of talks by Ajahn Viradhammo, published in commemoration of his 70th birthday.
Four Noble TruthsA clear and accessible writing on one of the core teachings of the Buddha, by Ajahn Sumedho
The Stillness of BeingA collection of teachings by Ajahn Viradhammo
Gone Forth, Going BeyondA collection of teachings by Ayya Medhanandi
A Tree in the ForestA collection of similes used by Ajahn Chah to teach the dhamma
A Handful of LeavesA comprehensive volume of translations of the Buddha's teachings by Ajahn Thanissaro, available in a variety of electronic formats
Meditation, A Way of AwakeningAjahn Sucitto's guide to finding peace of mind - within the mind itself.